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Linen Tablecloths

Different Types of Tablecloths

A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover and decorate a table. It is often used for formal occasions, such as dinner parties, weddings, or other special events, to create an aesthetically pleasing and clean surface for dining. They also come in different colours for each occasion and meal. Tablecloths come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, and they are designed to complement the overall theme or decor of the event.

Tablecloths serve both practical and decorative purposes. In terms of decoration, you can select from a range of colours for each occasion or meal. They protect the table from spills and stains, making it easier to clean up after meals. Additionally, they add a touch of elegance to the dining area and can be coordinated with other table linens, such as napkins and placemats, to create a cohesive look.

Linen tablecloths come in various types based on factors such as weave, design, and finishing. Here are some common types of linen tablecloths:

  1. Plain or Solid Linen Tablecloths: These tablecloths are simple and elegant, featuring a single color without any patterns or designs. They are versatile and can be used for both formal and casual occasions. Table linen cloths are an excellent choice for table covers as well, especially the white tablecloth.
  2. Hemstitched Linen Tablecloths: Hemstitching is a decorative technique that involves removing parallel threads from the fabric and then stitching around the resulting "hole" to create a border. Hemstitched table linen tablecloths often have a refined and timeless look.
  3. Embroidered Linen Tablecloths: Some linen round table cloths feature intricate embroidery, adding decorative patterns or motifs to the fabric. This type is often chosen for more formal events and can showcase a wide range of designs, from simple to elaborate.
  4. Printed Linen Tablecloths: These round table cloths have patterns or designs printed onto the linen fabric. The prints can range from floral and geometric designs to more intricate motifs, allowing for a variety of decorative options.
  5. Lace Trim Linen Tablecloths: Linen round table cloths with lace trim or edging add a touch of delicacy and vintage charm. The lace can be applied to the entire border or selectively placed for a more subtle effect.
  6. Damask Linen Tablecloths: Damask is a weaving technique that creates a reversible pattern, often featuring intricate designs. Damask linen tablecloths are known for their luxurious appearance and are commonly used for formal dining occasions.
  7. Bordered Linen Tablecloths: These tablecloths have a contrasting or complementary border along the edges, adding a decorative element to the overall design. Borders can be simple or elaborate, depending on the desired style. Round table will require a round border for the dining room table.
  8. Monogrammed Linen Tablecloths: Personalized linen round table cloths may feature monograms or initials embroidered onto the fabric. This customization adds a unique and personal touch to the table setting.

When choosing a linen round table cloth, consider the formality of the event, personal style preferences, and the existing decor of the dining area. Linen's versatility allows it to suit a great range of occasion colours, from casual family dinners in the dining room to elaborate celebrations.

How Do I Know What Size Linen Tablecloth I Need?

Choosing the right size linen tablecloth depends on the dimensions of your table and the look you want to achieve. Here's a general guide to help you determine the appropriate size:

Measure Your Table:

  • Length and Width: Measure the length and width of your table. If you have a rectangular table, measure both sides. For a round table, measure the diameter.

Consider the Drop:

  • Tablecloth Drop: The "drop" is the amount of fabric that hangs over the edge of the table. The standard drop for formal occasions is around 25 to 30 centimeters, but for more casual settings, a 15 to 20 centimeter drop is often sufficient.
  • Formula: To calculate the size of the round tablecloth, add twice the desired drop to the dimensions of the table. For example, if you want a 25-centimeter drop on all sides of a rectangular table that is 152.4 centimeters long and 76.2 centimeters wide, the calculation would be as follows:
  • Length: 152.4 + 2(25) = 202.4 centimeters
  • Width: 76.2 + 2(25) = 126.2 centimeters
  • So, you would need a 202.4 x 126.2 centimeters tablecloth.

Consider the Shape:

  • Rectangular Tables: For rectangular tables, you can choose a rectangular or oval white tablecloth. Make sure to account for the corners if your table has rounded or square corners. 
  • Round Tables: Measure the diameter of the round table in your dining room. Round table cloths are often a good choice for round tables. Moreover, you can choose from a great range of style, colour, and occasion.

Account for Table Extensions:

  • If you have a table with leaves or extensions accessories in your dining room, consider the extended size when choosing a round tablecloth. White tablecloth extensions also come in a great range of style and colours for every occasion.

Style and Preference:

  • Consider your style preferences. Some people prefer a longer drop for a more formal look, while others may opt for a shorter drop for a more casual appearance for a round tablecloth. Creating an aesthetic look is also important when it comes to square, round, and other textures table covering.
  1. Check Manufacturer Recommendations:
  • Some tablecloths come with size recommendations based on table dimensions and desired drops. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for guidance about the round table cloths. It is important to follow the iron instructions as well.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and personal preferences may vary. It's always a good idea to measure your specific table and take into account any unique features it may have. Additionally, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve with your white tablecloth, whether it's a more formal, elegant look or a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

For every meal, you can consider a different colour option or different textures. Don’t forget to iron the tablecloth covering to provide a sophistication aesthetic during your meal.