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Why You Should Choose Linen Roman Blinds

3HLinen's Roman blinds offer a simple yet elegant solution that enhances any room's decor while providing the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance. Made from the finest linen, they can beautifully filter the gentle glow of the sun, adding warmth without the weight.

Why Choose Linen Roman Blinds?

Light Control and Privacy

With easy adjustments, you can transition from natural light to complete privacy in moments, perfect for ground-level rooms or spaces facing the street.

Make It Even More Practical

For those who love the look of linen but need extra privacy, our Roman blinds can be easily layered with curtains or drapes.

Perfect Solution for Smaller Spaces

Roman blinds add elegance without overwhelming the room. They have a clean look and create a sense of height, which is invaluable in compact areas.

Versatile Style

Their simple yet sophisticated design complements a wide range of decor styles, from rustic charm to modern minimalism.

Our linen Roman blinds are an excellent fit for various spaces, offering:

A refined look for living and dining areas.

A serene environment for bedrooms.

A focused ambiance for home offices.


To ensure your satisfaction and a seamless integration into your space, 3HLinen's Roman blinds can be custom-tailored to fit the precise dimensions of your windows perfectly.

Interior Design Trends 2024

As we embrace 2024, get ready to explore design trends that promise to redefine elegance and functionality in our houses. From minimalist chic to bold and vibrant, we've got the future of home decor right here!

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Wavefold Curtains : where to start?

Wave fold curtains

Our clients are increasingly interested in S wave or S fold curtains (you may also encounter the name "wavefold").

To help you understand their benefits, here are some quick facts:

  • The wavy contemporary look they create is suitable for most trendy designs, whether in residential homes or commercial places.
  • These curtains have a minimal stack back, which means they won't obstruct your view when fully opened, allowing you to enjoy the scenery outside the window. Stack back refers to the width of the curtain when it is fully open.
  • The curtains have a firm tape sewn onto the backside, making them durable and easy to swish.

 How should you choose the track for your S-fold curtains?

If you're looking for a curtain that complements S wave (wave fold) track, take a look at our linen Wavefold curtain.

To determine the appropriate width for your curtain, please message our consultant for assistance. If you would like to purchase both the curtains and track, we have a variety of tracks available for you to choose from. 

If you have the track for pleated curtains – you may still use it to create S-wave. Choose our S-fold linen curtain. Don’t forget to multiply the track width by X1.5 to follow the gathering ratio of the pleated tape.

 Both of these curtains have a similar wavy look with slight variations. The only difference lies in the hardware you need for them. Message our consultant to help you in choosing the right hardware.

Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Loved Ones Smile

Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter who you're shopping for, finding the best Christmas present is a challenging task. You have the same people on your shopping list every year, and it's getting increasingly harder to come up with unique gifts for them. And, while we believe that Christmas is about so much more than just presents, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones and seeing their genuine joy as they open their gifts are undeniably part of the festive holiday spirit.

So, to make your Christmas shopping less stressful and more on-trend, we've created a list of unique Christmas gift ideas that go well beyond the traditional Christmas mug.


Stylish, comfy, and sweet; a perfect match for the best #iwokeuplikethis post-Christmas photo! This beautiful set is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for sisters on our list.

Beautifully constructed, relaxed cut, and fashionable. The best part is that your giftee can wear these linen pajamas wherever she wants, not just to bed.

Linen Bedding

This gorgeous three-piece linen bedding set is modern, snug, and comfy; a trifecta suitable for new and old couples who want to improve not just their sleep patterns but also their room aesthetics.

This makes one of the best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents if your grandad and grandmom adore natural aesthetics. These natural linen bedding sets cover make a great bed centerpiece or background for vibrant pillows.

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for parents in our books is great linen bedding. Think about your parents watching holiday movies and munching Christmas cookies in bed, savoring a well-deserved holiday break. Be still, our hearts.

This lovely linen bed skirt is the perfect holiday gift for a loved one who regards their bedroom as their kingdom. Simple lines, but with a definite wow factor befitting a queen.

An absolute sweetheart of a gift for young ladies, single women, and married folks alike! This cream-colored cushion cover is not just a great bed accessory, it's also functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Encourage your loved ones to snuggle up in style this Christmas with this elegant linen decorative pillowcase. It's the perfect gift for the #CottageChic room or house.


A cozy, all-day robe is incomparable. Give your grandparents, parents, or siblings this cozy linen waffle robe to show them how much you care.



This beautiful, pure linen, apron cross-back is unquestionably a top gift for family members who love to cook and bake! Its classic color and shape make it wearable year-round.

A lovely and comfy pink apron for the women in your life who enjoy baking, gardening, and crafting. They don't even have to be doing anything to wear this gorgeous bib.

There is always one family member or friend who loves anything vintage. Get her this cool, vintage-inspired feminine apron. You can even give her kid a matching apron.

This Christmas gift is perfect for your grandmother, mother, sister, sister-in-law, niece, and female friends who have tons of hobbies. Classy, simple, and functional.

A great Christmas present for your kitchen-loving friends. Wearing it not only protects them from dirt but also dresses them up with its vibrant color.

Kitchen Linen Towels 

The beautiful blue color will warm your grandmom and mom’s kitchens throughout the winter holidays. Not to mention that these linen kitchen towels are multifunctional.A wonderful Christmas present for your loved one who has a sunny disposition and enjoys cooking. You're not only giving her a practical gift, but one that will bring her joy throughout the year.

Eco Linen Shopping Bags

This oversized tote bag is the ideal holiday present for everyone! It's perfect for parents who haul groceries weekly, for kids who need an extra book bag, and for shoppers, beach lovers, and fitness enthusiasts to bring their stuff around.

This is a thoughtful Christmas gift for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to make eco-friendly, sustainable choices. It’s a brilliant addition to their reusable shopping bag collection, and for those yet to make the switch from single-use plastic, it's a great motivator to be more eco-friendly.

You won't have to do anything else when you get any of these items from 3HLinen, Inc. for your loved ones. We'll make sure that the presents reach their recipients, packed and all.

Mounting the Roman Shades

Mounting the Roman Shades

One of the big questions when specifying Roman Shades for a room is whether to mount them inside or outside the window frames. Sometimes there is not enough space within a window frame to hold a shade, which makes the decision easy. Otherwise, here are some tips to help to make the decision:

  • Mount the shades outside If the frames are not attractive
  • If you wish to add a sense of height to the space – you may put the roller of the shade higher than the window frame
  • If the frames are beautiful and the architecture classic, with decorative moldings – inside-mount is the best choice
  • Inside-mounted is a perfect choice when you have a deep window sill, giving a resting space for the plants, books or matching pillow shams